Cheryls Doll Hospital
Doll Repair, Doll Restoration, & Antique Dolls

Cheryl's Doll Hospital provides professional doll repair, doll restoration, doll reconstruction, restringing, cleaning, and customized clothing with loving hands, a loving heart, and a passion for dolls.  

Due to family health issues, Cheryl is not accepting any new work on dolls or stuffed animals.  Any requests submitted after June 12, 2014 will not be read nor get a reply.  Thank you for understanding that family comes first. 

A favorite doll is priceless, precious, and irreplaceable.  Cheryl understands how hard it is for doll owners to put their dolls in someone else's hands to restore broken parts and broken dreams.  Your doll is a beloved piece of your family history.  Cheryl tenderly uses her knowledge and expertise to fix your doll.  Her services include, but are not limited to:
  •  repair
  •  restoration
  • reconstruction of fingers, toes, and other doll parts
  • restringing
  • cleaning of doll and mending of clothes
  • resetting eyes or replacement of eyes
  • styling wigs
  • custom made period or reproduction clothing
  • fixing stuffed animals

Cheryl works on dolls of many types.  Due to overwhelming demand and a backlog of orders, starting August 31, 2013, PLEASE do not send any dolls of any type and/or stuffed animals for repair until Jan. 2, 2014.  Current approved orders and orders in process will be finished first before new orders will be accepted after Jan. 2, 2014.  Please do not email or call about a new order.  Thank you for your patience and understanding.  It takes time for me to fix your beloved doll or stuffed animal to look better than new!

Cheryl makes her dolls perfect.  Guaranteed.

Waiting time for the finished repair/restoration  depends on the estimated amount of work needed.

Your doll deserves the BEST!  To check on an order in process, you can call Cheryl at 810-798-2936  or email her.

"If you have a doll that needs some TLC, see Cheryl at Cheryl's Doll Hospital. She did a remarkable job on an Indian doll that my grandma bought me when I was 8 years old....I was so surprised when Cheryl finished with my doll. I just couldn't believe it she did a beautiful job and I want to say thank you Cheryl." Judy M.


 Member:  Doll Doctors of Michigan Association
                   National Doll Doctors Association
                   United Federation of Doll Clubs

Cheryl's Doll Hospital
  631 N. Van Dyke Imlay City, MI 48444