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Bisque Dolls

Aren't bisque dolls an antique's collector's favorite?  

Bisque dolls, commonly but incorrectly usually referred to as porcelain dolls, were an innovation in the late 1860s. Up to that time, dolls made of porcelain were all glazed (commonly referred to as china dolls). Bisque dolls allowed a more realistic skin tone. Antique bisque dolls at first had leather or cloth bodies, then composition bodies. Today, bisque dolls are too breakable and expensive to be made as play dolls and are only made for the collector market.

This doll needed dental work!

Broken tooth Repaired tooth
Bisque doll with a broken tooth Same bisque doll with tooth repaired.

This is an example of how badly dolls are damaged that I fix to look like new. 

Bisque doll broken neck Bisque doll with detached arms. Bisque doll put together.
Broken neck Detached arms Put together again!

Heads and shoulders, knees and toes....

Bisque doll dirty and disjointed Bisque doll cleaned and connected!
Dirty and disjointed. Clean and connected!
No fingers on bisque doll Repaired and cleaned new fingers on bisque doll.
Missing fingers Fingers just like new!


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