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Doll Care

Dolls have been made from many different materials throughout the years.  Beginning with wood in the 1600's to the vinyl products of today, doll manufacturers have always tried to make dolls unbreakable and realistic. 

Dolls were made from wood, cloth, leather, composition, metal, wax, porcelain, celluloid, plastic, rubber, latex and vinyl.
Dolls are considered to be whatever the material their faces are made of.  It does not matter what their bodies or limbs are made of.  If the face is porcelain and the body is composition, then the doll is considered a porcelain doll.
Here you will find tips, tricks, and techniques on doll care to help you take care of your precious doll.  Check this page often for the latest information.
1.  CLEANING VERY DIRTY DOLLS:  For vinyl dolls, buy some cheap body lotion or hair conditioner.  Rub it all over the doll, except for the hair.  Let the lotion set for awhile so it can get into the vinyl and loosen the dirt.  Then scrub gently with a soft brush or an old toothbrush.  The lotion is good for the vinyl and the oils in the product help restore moisture to the vinyl.
2.  HOUSEHOLD MATERIALS NEEDED:  For routine care and cleaning, gather up your old toothbrushes, old clean white washcloths and hand towels, and some cotton swabs.  The toothbrushes can get in between the joints.  The swabs are great for eyes and ears.  Hand towels make a good working surface area.  Washcloths are for drying the area you cleaned.


3.  SUPPLIES:  Here is a list of supplies to keep on hand because I find them very useful as mentioned above. 



** Cotton balls and Q-Tips: for cleaning eyes, eyelids ears and lips.



** Tooth Picks- I use these for removing grime from fingers & toes, eyes, mouths ears and other detailed areas. I also use these for mixing paint.



** Tooth Brush: Use old brushes for cleaning



** Clean White Towels and Wash Cloths: for wiping and drying.



** Dawn Dish Soap



** Vaseline: for darkened vinyl and some stains



** Oxy-10 (acne Medicine): For stains

** Vinegar: for setting dye, cleaning eyes and for killing mold



** Removezit (Made by Twin Pines): Stain remover. Works on vinyl dolls.



4. STORAGE AND MISCELLANEOUS TIPS: I always hand clean vintage garments. After cleaning and rinsing completely, let drip dry in the sink for several minutes. You can then place the garment on a white towel.  Blot dry or roll in towel to soak up excess water.




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