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Doll Repair
Recreating your Memories with Love

 At my doll hospital, your loved one will be taken care of as if she were my own. I will lovingly restore, repair, reconstruct, restring, clean, and make a period outfit or accessories if needed. Your doll will be lovingly restored to her original beauty, charm, and memories. Cleaning, repair, and restoration all depend on the amount of work to be done and the type of material the doll is made from.

Cheryl works on dolls of many types.  Please do not email or call about a new order because right now I have increased demands on my personal and business time due to a house fire that left me without Internet access and access to my repair room. I am trying to finish orders already in process.  Thank you for your patience and understanding.  It takes time for me to fix your beloved doll or stuffed animal to look better than new!

Here are some examples of my painstaking work and attention to detail. Holding the doll's head in my hand gives you an idea of how small the doll really is.


1dirty  broken doll face 2cracked doll head
3repairing the doll's head 4head repair is done
5a new repaired and clean face
6 after head repair

The head now looks better than new!  I then cleaned the doll, washed the outfit, and shared in the owner's delight of having her doll restored to the original quality.


Here is another example of fixing a doll's face.  This German Bisque doll had broken teeth.

German bisque doll with broken tooth German bisque doll with tooth repaired.
German bisque doll with a broken tooth. German bisque doll with tooth fixed.

Terry Lee came to me with multiple parts in a box!  I had to rebuild and restring her completely besides giving her a thorough cleaning including shampoo, set, and style!  If the owner would have requested an authentic outfit, then that would have been part of my repair and restoration.


Terry Lee Doll Repair
Rebuilding arm hooks Hooks for restringing legs
Arms and legs with hooks repaired All parts are repaired. All put together.
Rebuilding arm hooks
Rebuilding leg hooks Rebuilt and repaired.
All parts are done. Terri Lee again!


Testimonial:  "I have my grandmother's doll that needed repair.  Cheryl repaired her, restrung her body and gave the doll the newness that my grandmother had first seen in her.  I'm so impressed with the wonderful work Cheryl has done."   Jane A.

 Disclaimer: Please note that results may vary and any methods tried are done at your own risk.


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