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Hard Plastic Dolls

Plastic:  a Miracle Substance for Doll Makers

Until the 20th century, most dolls were quite breakable and fragile, made of bisque, papier mache and composition. The advent of plastics changed all that--first, celluloid dolls (which were less smashable, but easily crushed and flammable), and then, finally, hard plastic. Hard plastic was a miracle substance for dolls--it could be molded, painted and colored beautifully and it was very sturdy. However, vinyl dolls, with their durability and soft, cuddliness soon overtook the doll market.

What Is Hard Plastic?

According to the United Federation of Doll Clubs, hard plastics are "various types of synthetic materials developed for dolls after World War II. The hard material gives a sharp delineation to the features."

Hard plastic dolls were produced from approximately the late 1940s through the 1950s when softer vinyl plastics became the plastics of choice for dolls. However, dolls made of a hard vinyl plastic have become quite popular with collectors of dolls again today.
  Here are a few more examples of all the types of repair I get and do.

Before After
Detached head and arms Ready for dancing
Disassembled doll parts Assembled doll parts
Not a leg to stand on! Both legs attached
Hair is a mess Hair is under control now.
Too much perm! The final hairdo



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