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Meet Cheryl
Do you love dolls? A lifetime love for them turned into a professional career of doll restoration and repair on all types of dolls. I started collecting dolls in 1995. A doll tells the history of a family, a generation, and the technological advances in a century. Dolls have been around since the 1600's and should be preserved for future doll collectors to enjoy.
I studied under Joann Mathias, a nationally known instructor, and became certified in 2006. Locally, I present a seminar on the history of dolls and their construction to Historial Societies and other groups. During the seminar, tips and tricks on cleaning a doll are also given.
When I work on a doll, an estimate is always given before work begins. Since it is very difficult for a doll owner to part with a doll for a period of time, I assure my clients that they will get their doll back in a timely manner. It is a privilege to work on your doll and I thank you for your trust. My passion for detail produces a superior repair or restoration.
My workshop has many specialized tools, glues, a sanding station, paints, and other items needed just to restore or repair your loved doll or stuffed animal.
Doll parts for repair Wall of general tools
Assess doll. Wall of general tools.
 Tools for detail work.  Sanding Booth
Tools for detailing. Sanding Booth
"I have my Grandmother's doll that needed repair. Cheryl repaired her, restrung her body and gave the doll the newness that my Grandmother had first seen in her. I'm so impressed with the wonderful work Cheryl has done." Jane A.


 Member:  Doll Doctors of Michigan Association
                   National Doll Doctors Association
                   United Federation of Doll Clubs

Cheryl's Doll Hospital
8788 Hough Road Almont, MI 48003