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Stuffed Animals
Stuffed Animals Get Loved to Pieces Too!
Don't stuffed animals have a special place in the owner's heart?  The security of the stuffed animal is reflected by the wear and tear on the beloved toy.  Usually the owner has a very hard time letting the ragged animal go for repair!!
My repairs and restorations bring dogs, bears and even kangaroos back to life!  The owners cannot thank me enough for the immaculate cleanliness and undetectable repairs.  However, I cannot guarantee that somethings can be repaired to very old stuffed animals, due to excessive wear and tear and the inability to find replacement materials. 
dirty dog Snoopty Repaired cleaned dog Snoopy
Torn and dirty dog Snoopy Sewn and cleaned dog Snoopy
 bear all apart  bear repaired and cleaned
Dirty bear all apart.  Clean bear repaired.
 Too much lovin'  Ready for more Love
 Needed cleaning, new eyes & stuffing  Yes!  This is the same Bear!
Testimonial:  Brown Bear arrived today, and he looks GREAT! Thank you so much for yur careful and caring work. Our 3 years old gave a gasp, a hug, and a big kiss to his old friend. Thank you again.
The kangaroo below needed cleaning and repair. The neck had to be stuffed and made secure. The tongue was practically ripped off so I made a new tongue.  The owner was overjoyed with the results.  


kangaroo with broken neck
kangaroo with a ripped tongue new tongue and stuffing

Neck area

Tongue gone

Like New!

This beloved bunny had scratched eyes, a ripped nose and muzzle and was dirty from lots of loving and hugs under the covers.  I repaired the bunny like new and the owner thought it was a new bunny!  The before picture does not show all the details.

bunny before repairs bunny after repairs
Before repairs After repairs:  one happy bunny!

Red Dog came in to have his ear repaired(a huge rip sewn up) and a cleaning.  Both owner and dog are doing just fine!

Red Dog rip Red Dog repair Red Dog
 Rip to repair.  Repair is done.  Red Dog!









Before After
Stuffing is missing. Stuffed!
Stuffing is missing. Stuffed Care Bear
Redid the Care Bear Hearts Happy Care Bear
Redid the Care Bear Hearts A very happy Care Bear (and owner)
This bear came from the Virgin Islands! Front view of bear
Shipped from the Virgin Islands! Front view of bear to repair.
Stuffing removed from bear.
Stuffing removed for repair work. The finished Bear.
Baby seal needs extensive work. Baby Seal repair and cleaning.
Baby seal needing extensive repairs. Baby seal repaired and cleaned.
Dog needs a good cleaning. Cleaned and fluffed dog.
Dog needs a good cleaning. A clean and fluffy dog.
Bear squeezed and loved to pieces. Bear cleaned and restuffed.
Squeezed and loved to pieces! This is the same bear restored.
Before repairing the teddy bear. After repairs
Before repairs After repairs
dolphin before repair dolphin after repair
Dolphin before repairs. Dolphin repaired and restored.
Mrs. K's dog Dog is all put together again.
Many parts of a dog. Reassembled dog
Torn off legs of  bear Stuffed and fixed bear.
Missing the bottom pad of his leg. Stuffed, cleaned and repaired.
Bear mssing eyes and arms. New eyes and cleaned up.
Needed a good cleaning Cleaned and fluffed and ready!
How I make a new pattern for a stuffed animal. rest of the new pattern for the rabbit
How I make a new pattern - front. How I make a new pattern - back.
rabbit before making the pattern Finished fluffly rabbit.
Rabbit before making the pattern. Finished fluffy rabbit.


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